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Jewelry Collections

Swapna Rani has one vision in mind, to create valuable and unique jewelry art that is both exquisite and gives you the best Return on Investment. Our Jewelry pieces are created with the highest quality diamonds and gemstones, which come with international lab certificates and expert appraisals.
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We are

Winner of 2018 AGTA Spectrum Classical Award and, Winner of 2018 AGTA Spectrum Carving Award.

Dream Choice Jewelry collections: East et West, Eternity, Sampradaya, Maa collection.

FINALLightroom (TIT02951.ARW and 972 oth
Swapna Rani business model centers around making sure fine jewelry is not exclusive to the very upper reaches of society. We are niche e-commerce specializing in custom orders with one-on-one client consultations.
FINALLightroom (TIT02951.ARW and 972 oth
Swapna Rani specializes in executing bespoke diamond and gemstone jewelry. The process includes the exchange of inspiration pieces and designs that suit your specific needs. 
Swapna Rani contributes to the Purpose behind our Passion. DreamChoice Jewelry for DreamChoice Mentorship.
Dream Choice Inc 1.jpg
When you purchase a Swapna Rani product, it's not merely a jewelry piece that you purchased, you are purchasing its creativity, its craftsmanship, its timeless qualities.
While fine jewelry designing and creating is our passion, helping provide Education and Mentoring to as many kids as possible is our purpose. 
Kids are gems. Mentoring is like bringing the best sparkle out of them with the right faceting.
Swapna Rani creates fine jewelry, high jewelry, fashion jewelry and unique jewelry art pieces with passion. Each of our created pieces speak of quality in every aspect. Our products are made of high quality gemstones, master craftsmanship designed by our international awards winning designer.
These gems have life in them, their colours and sparkle speak, say what words fail of - George Eliot
I feel more regal and powerful in diamonds. Even though these twinkling jewels are so delicate they give this inner strength - Elle Fanning
Our acclaimed and experienced craftsmen meticulously captivate their expertise and engage the energies to create  unique fine jewelry art pieces. The precision and the marvelous artistry draws your attention towards the finest details.
We take inspiration from the artistic  'aha' moments to create our exceptional designs. With a beautiful balance of style and grace, the exemplary craftsmanship brought us a lot of acclaim from the fine jewelry industry experts internationally.
Swapna Rani places absolute quality and creativity at the core of the company by having our products hand made by expert craftsmen using the finest materials.
Great time for great new beginnings! Getting ready to present our latest collection items.
Swapna Rani - Wearable art with finest craftsmanship! 
A few items from our earlier collections. Grace and Gratitude! 
Swapna Rani - Acclaimed designs, high quality gem stones, master craftsmanship!
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