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Explore the extraordinary jewelry sculpted by our master craftsmen in Los Angeles


Paisley Brooch


 Our Paisley Brooch is created in Rose Gold with colorless diamonds. The detachable Rubellite pendant can be worn by itself. The  Rubellite is from Germany and comes with a German lab certificate. 

TIT03722 (1).jpg

Megha Brooch

Our Megha Brooch comes with Paraiba Tourmaline pair from Germany. The most unique and rare pearl is harvested with Turquoise inside. Master craftsmen then carve the pearl to reveal the gemstone from within.  This extraordinary gold brooch can be artfully adorned on both men and women. 

TIT03809 (1).jpg

Blooming Pearls Brooch


Crafted artfully with Yellow Sapphires and colorless diamonds, this extraordinary Blooming Pearls Brooch is created with 'temperature sensitive' pearls. At certain temperatures, the pearls bloom, like how our energies flow on a bright and clear day.  

TIT03754 (1).jpg

The Rani Brooch


With around 10 carats of Rubellite from Germany with gem lab certificate, crafted in Rose Gold with colorless diamonds and Burmese Rubies, the Rani Brooch speaks Unique in its own way. The layers of petals, artfully crafted by our highly respected master craftsmen. 

TIT03744 (1).jpg

Mudita Earrings

The elegant rose gold earrings are as delicate as your artful imagination. These most unique and rare pearls are harvested with Corals inside. Master craftsmen then carve the pearls to reveal the gemstone from within.


TIT03732 (1).jpg

Mayura Necklace

Hand carved in Germany, the mom and baby carved Amethyst, in this Mayura Necklace showcases how motherly instincts are most respected. The perfectly hand crafted peacock pair hold the very essence with high respect. 

TIT03772 (1).jpg

The Dancer Brooch

'The Dancer' brooch featuring high-quality Tanzanite from Germany, intense Yellow diamonds, Thai cut Burmese rubies with high quality colorless White diamonds. The master craftsmanship depicts classic Indian ballet, Bharatanatyam dancer's elegance, and poise in a delightful feast to eyes.


This is an AGTA Spectrum Award-winning jewelry piece.

"Humbled to design this jewelry art piece. This wearable dancer is dearly close to my heart." - Swapna Pinnamaneni.

The Dancer.jpg


Hand carved in Germany by internationally renowned gem carver, 1080 carats of Brazilian Citrine in our respectfully Divine Ganesha. Dreams do come true!


This is an AGTA Spectrum Award-winning carving.




When a dad inspired a son with a story about a matriarch carrying a baby across the river, 
an epic art form ‘Bahubali’ is born.

The ‘aha’ moment is blissful when I’ve seen the baby Bahubali in this rich pearl formed organically by nature.

Inspiration and imagination have brought this ‘Object of Art’ to life, with the 20mm Baroque South Sea Pearl.



Blossom Brooch Transformable Necklace 

This rare Opal en-nucleated 15mm Tahitian Pearl is delicately associated in this Flower Brooch. The diamond flower is detachable and can be worn as a pendant necklace. 


This fine jewelry art piece is consigned to be auctioned with Doyle Auction House on November 19th, 2018. We are humbled!l



Trinity Brooch Transformable Necklace

Our ’Trinity’ Brooch transformable Necklace created with natural Green, Orange, Yellow Diamonds along
with 15 carats of specialty ‘Starlight Cut’ Garnet. Nothing but Grace! 


Leaflet Brooch Transformable Necklace

‘The Leaflet’ Brooch transformable Necklace created with white and natural Pink diamonds and around 12 carats of specialty ‘Concave Cut’ Tourmaline is one of a kind fine jewelry art. Humbled to dream of this! 


Sage Brooch Transformable Necklace

‘The Sage’ Brooch transformable Necklace created with natural Yellow, Green, Brown and colorless White diamonds is acclaimed as exquisite with elegance. Gratitude to the Universe! 


Maple Leaf Brooch Transformable Necklace

Our ‘Maple Leaf’ Brooch transformable Necklace created with Yellow diamonds and colorless White diamonds showcases finesse and flair fine jewelry artistry. The passion with Purpose! 






Maternité Necklace

Reaching out to the best of the best in the industry, and their compassion always has been a blessing to me. 

“ Maternité “ Necklace is a result of finest of the fine Akoya Pearls from Japan, the mom, and baby carving and diamond setting on the 16mm South Sea Pearl by the best artist, and finally, my excellent craftsmen brought into the reality of my dream. 

The essence of ‘Motherhood’ is the source for the flow of humanity!

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