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Our Story


Swapna Rani® Brand,
established in the United States, United Kingdom, and in India.

Unique Jewelry as Wearable Art, catering to clientele from around the world with High Jewelry commission orders.

High Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Gemstone Home Decor, Sterling Silver Home Decor, Couture, Fine Silks are ready for the art lovers from the Luxury side of the house, Swapna Rani®

'Ready to wear' sustainable Clothing, Wooden, Leather, Ceramics, Accessories with Circular Economy principled products from the Lifestyle side of the house, Swapna Rani® Lifestyle.

Focussed on creating Wearable Art & expanding on Circular Economy!


Swapna Pinnamaneni

Swapna Pinnamaneni

Founder and President, Swapna Rani® Brand

GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional

GIA Diamonds Graduate

GIA Pearls Graduate

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