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Our Story

Honesty and Ethics are our strength. Every gemstone we use is ethically sourced.


The high-quality gemstones with master craftsmanship and the best pricing has drawn a lot of attention and brought us many clients from all over the world.

'Art and ROI' are our Mantras. Our clients are delighted with the unparalleled sparkle in our jewelry.


Swapna Rani signature diamond jewelry collections - East et West, Eternity, Sampradaya and 'Maa' collection. 


Jewelry industry experts are appreciating our highest quality of diamonds and colored gem stones, versatile jewelry designs and master craftsmanship. 


Swapna Rani specializes in custom jewelry.

More about our jewelry, such as videos and additional details available on our Facebook page.

Swapna Pinnamaneni

Swapna Pinnamaneni

President and CEO of Dream Choice Inc.

GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional

GIA Diamonds Graduate

GIA Pearls Graduate

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