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The Carnelian Bowl, entirely Hand Crafted in Italy,

from a single block of Brazilian Red Agate Carnelian gemstone,

sitting on our designer 925 Silver Stand with Paraiba Tourmaline.
Made in Italy and Los Angeles.




 Hand carved in Germany, 1080 carats of Brazilian Citrine in our respectfully Divine Ganesha.

Dreams do come true!

This is AGTA Spectrum Award-winning carving.



When a dad inspired a son with a story
about a matriarch carrying a baby across the river,
an epic art form ‘Bahubali’ is born.
The ‘aha’ moment is blissful when I’ve imagined the baby Bahubali
in this rich pearl formed organically by nature.
Inspiration and imagination have brought this ‘Object of Art’ to life,
with the 20mm Baroque South Sea Pearl

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